DorrisWedding maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

Here's an update on Jason. He went to ER on Monday. Fluid in lungs. His heart is not pumping like it should. His pulse is always around 130 where ours is 80-100. His blood pressure stays in the 80's / 60 to 70's. So body is just chilling while his heart is running a marathon. We ended up at HEB because we were told that Baylor Dallas could do nothing for him. At least he is close. Today he wil probably be released. So, after being sick for 17 years and being a fight DorrisWedding maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle ... er as he is, he has to live this way. My heart just aches. But I still believe in miracles and I still believe one will happen. Maybe one as simple as one whole day without pain. Also, he had his pain pills with him for the first day because it was a turmoil. They never fed him the first day, and someone stolen his pain pills! What the heck! This our first really bad experience of a hospital stay. We could use all the prayers we could get. Thanks so much in advance <3

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