Formal Dresses 2020

'll never forget my Junior-Senior prom.

All of the girls in my class were so excited for our coming prom. Almost every spare chance they got, the girls were talking about the dresses they going to wear and who would be their escort. I might have been the only girl in our classes that wasn't interested in all the festivities.

Even the boys in our school were buzzing about, eying potential girls they could escort to the prom. Despite my disinterest in the prom, there was one p ... articular boy who always caught my attention. He was very charming and good-looking. I know I wasn't the only one who thought so - almost all the girls in my class liked him. In the back of my mind, I wishfully imagined that he could ask me to go to the prom with him. A few times I would catch him out of the corner of my eye and was almost certain I saw him looking back at me with a smile. "You're so silly," I thought to myself. Here I was, not even wanting to go to the prom, and hoping for a date! Formal Dresses 2020

The day of the prom finally arrived. I woke up early to get ready. I remember wearing a floral dress - just a simple straight cut that brushed gently against my knees. I put on a pair of white socks and my black school shoes to complete my "masterpiece". I knew it seemed like something an old lady might have worn, but I didn't really care. I looked in the mirror and attempted to tidy my unruly hair, grabbed an umbrella and walked out.

When I reached our school hall- everything looked so fancy. The girls on my class were all wearing long gowns with heels. I could hardly recognize them with all their lipstick and blush!

I tried to sit all the way at the back so I wouldn't draw attention to myself. I sat there watching everyone talking and dancing. A shadow suddenly stepped in front of me and I looked up - it was that charming boy from my class! He smiled and asked me if I would join him for a dance. Hesitantly, I followed him to the dance floor. I could feel the eyes of all the girls in my class on me as I walked behind him.

As we stood there, everything seemed to freeze. It was the first time I had ever really danced, although I have to admit I did try some feeble attempts to practice before the prom. Now I had to dance in front of everyone with the boy I liked! As I stood there panicked, I realized - it doesn't even matter! He asked me to dance, not because he thought I might be a good dancer, but because he wanted to have a good time with me!

So with my grandma outfit and my unruly hair, I danced with the charming boy. He didn't mind my dress, or my shoes, or even my dancing - we were just having fun!

Realize who you are is amazing and be thankful for how the Lord made you. Don't pretend to be someone that you're not - you'll miss out on all the dances.

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