ball gowns under 100

Wa ko kaybaw why some GUYS wants and craving for beautiful, gorgeous, astonishing bodies and fancy ladies with big boobies and butts. Pardon for those ladies who has these. I've come to the point na, I asked myself. Am I a man? Cause yeah, I do fantasies but I'm really not a fan of loving someone who has these kinds of physical gifts in life. Sa mga lalaki out there, wa tamo gina discourage nga pilion ang mga babaeng gifted ug front and back cause believe me brothers, they are so damn hewt. But come to think of it, are they even perfect? No, nobody's perfect. WE all know how gorgeous these ladies were made however, if ya'll guys picked all these beautiful and blessed ladies, who do you think would choose those normal ones but has strong personalities and attitudes and you really think those ladies you were dreaming of would surely pick you, ayt? It's just that stop chasing someone who you admires the most, be with someone who completes you. Dili mana sa ka gwapa sa imong pares, ka sexy sa imong babae, kadagko sa iyang tots ug bots, masuroy bag mall or parks. Beauty of your partner is not the beauty of itself only, its should be how you handle and take care of her as a lady. I've been there done doing that: "Ugh kadakog bewbs", "Ugh ka juicy ug ttubs" so stop calling me inosente. Manyak pakos inyo bois, but this doesn't leads me to a better way. Get rid of your fantasies mates, we are GUYS not GAYS. So stop focusing your eyes to their bodies, dig in deeper to their personalities. ball gowns under 100