black prom dresses cheap

when i was a teen i was a fashion slave.
when i had my semi-graduation (ending or primary school on 14 years old), my mom made for me exactly the same dress which i wore with black tights cause it was way too short, one of the dresses of the girls in that year music video hits of Prince. cant recall which video was it. diamonds and pearls, or get off or cream, forgot. but it was the same. wonder where it is now, its not at home so i probably gave it away to some younger relative.
i also had this fix idea for my mom to make me one designer dress i got obsessed with, maybe it was gucci, got no clue, it was a patchwork of black and white squares, all made of black and white fake pearls. get it? whole dress made of pearls. yeah, thats when my mom draw the line and basically said-buzz off from me, aint gonna sew for u no more. for the harder stuff, she still sewed easier stuff. then i started to learn and after couple years was fine to sew whatever with pattern or if without, then something simple. i got couple ultra stylish long sleeve shirts, for example. black prom dresses cheap
on my high school graduation we had no money so the dress was cheap shit, i didnt even went to the prom cause exactly that night i had my period and had extreme stomach pain.