bridesmaids selection with affordable price

***For those that want to help***

Ok y'all, I've had several people ask me what they can do to help our homeless friends at Sanctuary (Tent City). I have a list of needs,and a few wants, they have. If you have any of these items you would like to donate, pm me and we will set up a time/place to meet for me to pick up these items. Thanks again for all your help/support! bridesmaids selection with affordable price

Men's pants:
-32-30 shorts and pants
-40-30 shorts and dress pants
-36-30 requested they be jeans
-Dress belt for a sized 40 waist

Men's shirts:
-XXL Dressy, casual, and thermal
-XL t-shirts and pullovers

Men's Shoes:
-Dress shoes size 12
-Any shoes size 11
-Size 11 1/2
-Tennis shoes size 9
-Tennis shoes size 10
-Special request for Sperry's size 9 (maybe someone has a son that has outgrown some. These are not a necessity. He would just really like some. He's a sweet younger guy)
-Socks to fit all above sized feet

Men's underwear:
-I don't know how men's undies run size-wise so some to fit a man with a size 40 waist
-Briefs to fit a sized 36
-Large boxers

-Summer sports wear (i.e. Tanks, shorts, yoga pants sized large and extra large)
-One pieced swimsuit sized lg or XL
-Swimsuit coverup

Other requests:
-D and AA batteries
-Chess board
-Reading light
-Reading glasses
-Large print study bible
-radio and batteries to fit
-full sized mattress

They can always use bottled water, bug spray, baby wipes, and the little Coleman propane canisters as well

I know through you guys, with God's help, we can come up with these items! Also, maybe we can come up with some plastic totes to keep these items waterproof for them. Thanks in advance for any and all help! Have a great weekend and coming week! Love you all!