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Smelly Vaginal Discharge can wreck havoc in any woman's life. This is a problem faced by almost every women. The fishy smelling Vaginal odor can make any woman lacks self-confidence and they will avoid relationships that involves "getting in contact with a guy. budget-saving bridesmaid apparels in coral
This can be caused by a variety of factors as below
A: Vaginal infection
B: Smoking
C: A change in sexual partner ...
D: Hormonal changes
E: Drugs " antibiotics"
1: Panty Liners:- Use panty Liners " without perfumed preferably" this helps to mask d odor n also absorbs Vaginal Discharges
2: Put on Cotton panties. It helps to control d unpleasant smell. When u put on a nylon pant, it causes u to sweat more thereby, causing d odor. Cotton panties helps d vagina to breathe well n also absorbs d Discharge.
3: Wash:- Use clean water to Wash ur vagina 2 to 3 times daily. Avoid d use of products that are perfumed bc it could worsen d infection n cause irritation " itches , inflammation etc"
Avoid over washing with soap bc it takes out natural lubricants from d precious organ " vagina " lol, i LOVE u all urs Admin, Visel

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