flower girl collections with lace

19 Things About Ur: Girl bff
1)Age: old enough
2)Gender: male
3)Worst Argument If Had Any: over dis boy
4)On Good Terms?: yes
5)Met Any Of Your Family: kinda idk
6)Who's Happier: her
7)Who's The Clingiest In Relationships: her
8)Who's More Jealous:me
9)Who's Smarter: me
10)Who's Older: me
11)Last Text: rachel
12)Do Their Family Know You: idk
13)Ever Had A Crush On Them: no
14)Have You Got A Crush Now: no
15)Best Memory: idk
16)Work At The Same Place/Go To Same School: no flower girl collections with lace
17)How Did You Meet: on here
18)Best Thing About Them?: her face
19)Worst Thing About Them?: booty
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