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If I am addicted to anything, including cigarettes Bobby, it's your fault because I told Sierrah I was so stressed out and gonna smoke as much as I want till I get her back, she agreed because I told her they were going to take her. I told her to spend list of your daddy's money and have a blast! I didn't want her to live in fear! Enjoy that Harley your business owned Bobby. The only reason you are so blessed to have Saved her life by working CPR on your own child's Blue Lifeless body as you texted me in FEBRUARY! WAS because You caused the seizure that was "SO VIOLENT SHE SUFFERED CARDIAC ARREST". your dad would sit outside your house when you were young, with a shot gun telling your mom someone threatened to kill them and he was going to protect them with his life. She was on Gabapentin for Neuropathy. It is a seizure medication and she never had seizures and you think that she lives with you and you Planet Fitness a child that had a Neurological Specialist Physical Therapist in Oregon, that you know what's best and EITHER You BEAT HER YELLED (WE HAD NO YELLING OR FIGHTING EVER AT OUR HOME, OUR SAFE PLACE ALWAYS) OR YOU TOOK HER OFF A SEIZURE MED THAT WASNT FOR SEIZURES! IF YOU GAVE HER STEROIDS AND UF YOU ARE NIT HAVING HER FOLLOWED CLOSELY BY A PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST AND CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OR SHRINERS, LIKE U HAD AN APPT FOR SHRINERS IN OREGON, YOU ARE ABUSING HER. WE MOVED SO I Could HAVE HER SEEN AT THE BEST HOSPITALS IN THE UNITED STATES! MAINE MISDIAGNOSED CHRIS MILLER YOUR BROTHER WITH ASTHMA AS A CHILD WHICH LEAD TO HIM REQUIRING A HEART TRANSPLANT AT 15. I HAVE HIS Children's Hospital Boston Medical Records because he and his mother released them to me for Sierrah's Care! You didn't do shit! Except cause her death so you could hopefully save her. You are the sick one Bobby, I have 20+ years if medical records to prove I wasn't an addict unless VA prescribed too much Anxiety meds. But I am working on three advanced degrees in Holistic Health and Nutrition and Bobby I am Allergic to Vaccines her primary care doctor said NO VACCINES FIR SIERRAH AFTER AGE 12! Michelle STRONG PRINTED AND COMPUTER SIGNED MY NAME TO A FIRM ALLOWING HER AND ALAN TO HAVE SIERRAH MEDICALLY TREATED AND FOR THEM TO AUTHORIZE IT! I FOUND IN ON OneDrive AS SIERRAH HAD A LAPTOP I BOUGHT HER. WINDOWS LINE MY NEW ONE AND A SIGN IN IN sahaurita AZ, no where near my sign in same day in Tucson. I have that deactivated Facebook that everyone says I deleted threats to Judges in Pima County. I didn't delete, I locked each post to me only and I downloaded it and have every IP address and some infra gps locater to see who was in my account and I found that spy monitor info my sister and Mom used to and mirror a phone and call using my number on a caller ID and recording me talking to myself through what is an open source, can you see me through my computer camera or phone camera or hear through my phone me mic, do you have a smart TV Bobby, you talk a good game and Joyce Langenbaun said when she first met you, you were a connection artist, and she had been conned by the best. If you threatened Janice when you went to the Mexican Rivera in 2014 or 2015, and that caused her any side effects of her diabetes or if the stress you caused me shortened my life because I have cancer and a heart condition and my doctor said in December I was under too much stress to quit smoking but my BP was so high so I quit and 3 days later I had a stroke a few days before Sierrah's seizure. And Strokes run in my family. My dad had many TIA's and I had my first stroke in 2010! Are you responsible for destroying so many lives ? I say yes! As he told people, including CPS in McMinnville I had Sierrah baricaded in our home for 9 hours. CPS had Janice fly out and wanted me to sign that I denied access to my child by law enforcement. I refused to sign and McMinnville Police Officer Tim Hoyte or Height (sorry) had to come in and tell CPS Supervise Sue Buckles that wasn't true. I allowed them in my home and woke Sierrah up, allowed law enforcement to speak with Sierrah alone when ever they asked! CPS did not remove my child. A judge is only one who can do that and everyone covered their ass when my mom's nurse had a heart attack and left Sierrah alone with a diabetic not allowed to drive. Deb mcarty in GV or Mexico now?. You all need to. Janice is a Colorado or was and the wills and trust are in Colorado and Janice never notified me in writing and she had Everett Scofield sign in Colorado taking his children from another marriage out of the will when he had Alzheimer's. Advanced Alzheimer's 2096 and 2009 I have the documents have those weren't stolen and I am or was to sell GV as it was my home too as well as the Mexico LLC and it how to get sexy wedding wears which won't cost much

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