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well mistress Anna , what can I say it's almost the end of the month and I haven't got any punishments for 2 days now except for yesterday because I smoke in the bathroom. Mistress told me twice not to do it yet I still did it. for that she took away my large reward that I had earned the previous day. She was going to order me to dresses that I got to pick out. I was very upset with myself when I lost these because I really wanted to pick out a new dress. but instead of getting into all nothing thinking and spiraling down hill like I normally do I stay positive stay positive and kept on the good behavior path. Because of that I was able to on a medium-sized reward last night. Mistress chose for my reward that I still got to order one dress today. I found one for mistress that she liked a red and black lace dress. But the one I got is a nice purple maxi dress with lace shoulder or no it's a lace yolk. they should be here in a week I can't wait we ordered them from and the total order came out to under $50. Make sure she's very happy that I found this site because they do plus size outfit clothing. well they say their plus-size but didn't fact they only go up to a size 22 I think maybe 24. I know I have to order a 3X and that's a 18. It doesn't really matter though but cuz the clothes are good and the prices are very reasonable. I'm sure we'll shop with them many times more. I should be earning a small reward soon I wonder what that will be maybe I'll get to pick out a movie. or maybe mistress will let me go get some beads or maybe that'll be a larger reward since that involves money. We found a bead store on the way to Mistresses appointment yesterday are the day before I don't remember exactly which all my days run together now it seems like because I stay busy all the time mistress is good at that. She keeps me busy enough that I'm tired every night but I like that. The busier I stay the happier I am because it gives something for my mind focus on. I got to get on the ball with finding doctor cuz if it's going to take so long to get me into this one place maybe I can find a closer appointment somewhere else. miss you should probably be the best advice for that cuz I am going to have to get my meds refilled before I can see that doctor on the 31st of August. I got to have my medications but the dove Springs Center said I could come back to them if I needed to get my meds refilled before I saw doctor. I'm really looking forward to getting a therapist because there's certain things I can talk about with them that I can't talk to mistress about because I don't want to trigger her PTSD at all bringing up my issues that could trigger some memories of her past. I'm not at all displeased with the way I'm being treated so I don't want mistress to think I'm seeking therapy for that. I think if I get therapy for some of the other issues I have our relationship will grow stronger and closer because I won't be so reserved on some of the issues I have. Cuz even though I'm a nymphomaniac without my medication when I'm on my meds sex is a very hard thing for me to approach it's like on the polar opposite when I'm on my meds and when I'm off. I'm very shy and every hence of about sex because I get to inside my own head thinking I'm not performing to the other person's liking. And this makes me think of something to tell everybody, the remodeling is going to be taking a break for about a week. This is going to give mistress and master an opportunity to have some extra fun with me if they choose to. Really give me a test well not a test but give me a taste of what is to come. I think given the chance mistress could get me even more under her spell by exploring the more sensual side of things or the more kinky or side of things so to speak LOL. I'm all healed up now though Sylvester's could put me back in my cage at any moment I'm hoping she waits until I get back from the laundromat tomorrow.. I don't want to be in front of all those people thinking about being in that cage because on a Sunday is probably going to be pretty crowded I've been really good so I think mistress will grant me this one request I have no problem going back in the cage I just hope it can wait one half a day. I love my mistress so much as I said it's almost the end of the month, I look forward to seeing what new lessons mistress has in store for me which should be revealed in the next day or two. I'm going to continue to be good no matter what weather the Hessians get harder or more intense I'm going to do my best to make mistress happy and to be the best sissy I can be. large size wedding outfits for plus figures with discount price

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