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Yeaaaaah.....if we could all stop shaming Minerva's, that'd be great. Many, many restaurants do this for special occasions - prom, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving - for a few different reasons.

1.) Sheer volume. The place is gonna be packed. The only way they can ensure everybody gets their meal in a timely manner (which is key when your little darlings have a dance to attend) is to limit the menu and assembly-line the hell out of the kitchen.

2.) Kids suck at tipping. Yeah. May ... be not yours, but most do. These poor servers are running themselves ragged for your little darlings, and for around $3.00 an hour to boot. And if your kid does suck at tipping, that's your fault. My kid knows that if he doesn't have enough to tip, he doesn't eat out. Does yours? latest prom collections look hot

3.) $24 for a steak, a salad, drinks, tip and tax is pretty spot on. If you add up what you spend there on a regular night for the same meal, that's pretty close to what you'd come up with.

Also, I see what some of you spend on dresses for your kids. Or what some of these kids spend on the new ritual of JUST ASKING someone to a dance. And you're complaining on a $24 meal?

But yeah, that chicken strip thing is pretty lame. If you'll need something to complain about, complain that Minerva's STILL doesn't have a veggie burger on their menu.

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