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Please post for me
I am experiencing my second miscarriage. My first was in July 2016- spotting and cramping started at 7 weeks, no baby was found on ultrasound at 8 weeks tissue passed at 9. This time I am now 11 weeks, at 9 baby measured 6 wk no HB same at 10 and Hcg began to drop. I had little cramping and spotting. I got acupuncture and started some Chinese herbs on Sat. I also took black cohash and red rasberry leaf tea and used geranium andmd clargy sage essential oils. long sleeve mother of the bride dresses ... Today Monday I got an adjustment from my chiro, as this is what helped me pass the tissue last time. I still have mild bleeding, not enough to fill a pad and some back and abdominal discomfort. I am trying to avoid drugs and D&C . any similar experiences to provide some insight? I am monitoring my temp for signs of infection. It's just a horrible place to be knowing you are going to lose your baby but haven't lost him yet.

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