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So on July 31st, 2017, I was a victim to a 4 car accident.... (main reason Elijah came on August 2nd) A woman was too busy messing with her phone while trying to enter oncoming traffic on Old Madison Pike from interstate 565. Not checking to see who had the right away, she decided to enter traffic and skipped the lane she was suppose to enter onto. Within 2 seconds, I realized she was going to keep moving left, further in traffic; mind you the speed limit is 45mph.... I was just cruising to my destination and then time stopped. I looked at her car, blew my horn as hard as I could, and tried to brake as fast as possible but it was too late. She side swiped me going at least 30mph, causing me to swerve out of control into oncoming traffic where I collided into the back of a truck and then was hit head on by a black pickup truck that had a grill guard. My air bag didn't deploy until the 3rd collision and it deployed straight on my stomach.. I was in shock! It took a homeless man and a young gentleman on his way to work, to get me out the car and to safety. 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, scheduled to be induced on August 2nd at about midnight, and this happened. My baby wasn't moving, I wasn't contracting like I had been previously, it was at it hottest point of the day and traffic was heavy. My biggest concern at this point, let me call my mom a thousand times to let her know I wasn't going to make it to pick her up from work even though it was only 3 minutes away. Of course no response when you need there to be, she wasnt happy on how she found out which stressed me and baby boy out even more for having her and every one worry.. I already knew the police were called, it was 4 cars in an accident and little 'ol me pregnant. mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves
I spent over 24 hours in Huntsville hospital being monitored and checked out every 2 hours. Constantly being looked at and taking all kinds of tests for the baby and I. I was touched by God's grace to not have any serious injuries.... I walked out of this with just soreness and a few bruises but I was still too far in shock to tell right away. Due to the fact that I had just been in an accident, my doctors made the decision to have me immediately discharged from Huntsville Hospital and admitted to Madison Hospital and get induced immediately to be completely sure my son was ok. Of course that is a different story. All said in done though I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy 16 hours after admittance to Madison (4 hours after being induced).
I am begging everyone to PLEASE share this message because too many lives are being put at risk, born and unborn. I could have lost my son due to this woman who was to careless to put her phone aside long enough to get wherever she was going. I BEG THE WORLD TO HONESTLY TAKE A SECOND, AND ASK IF YOUR TEXT MESSAGE, SNAP CHAT VIDEO, LIVE FB VIDEO OF YOU DRIVING, OR WHATEVER IT IS ON YOUR PHONE THAT I'D DISTRACTING YOUR ATTENTION FOR A GLIMPSE SECOND IS REALLY WORTH POSSIBLY PUTTING ANOTHER LIFE(LIVES) AT RISK???? I was full term and could have INSTANTLY lost my child for a piece of replaceable technology. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WILL YOU ALL GET OFF YOUR PHONES FOR ONCE AND THINK ABOUT OTHERS?!?!?!?! IT CAN WAIT UNTIL YOU GET WHERE YOU NEED TO GO!!!! OR YOU CAN FREAKING PULL OVER AND DO IT IF IT'S THAT IMPORTANT. I stand by the no texting while driving law, but it needs to be no phones in possession of driver while in motion!!!!!!!!! Bluetooth tovyour car or some hands free device to prevent you from not paying attention to the road. You have NO idea who is in other vehicles! Stop being selfish long enough to save a life!!! PLEASE, pull over or wait. I am blessed to be alive and even more blessed for a healthy baby boy but I cannot ever stop and think of what could have been and how easily this could have and been avoided.