modest formal dresses

When LuLaRoe first started I was cautious about their products. How do they fit after they have been washed? How long will they last? How many different ways can I use the same skirt? Are these products worth the investment? I am thrilled to say that LuLaRoe has passed with flying colors! I remember my first Carly, the olive green solid with black flecks, that I purchased years ago. If I hadn't burned a hole in it at a campfire, I would still have it. I liked that one so much that I purchased another just like it! Now, almost my entire wardrobe consists of LuLaRoe. I can wash them endlessly and they keep their shape, smell fresh, and wear beautifully. I can dress up for the symphony, down for a walk in the woods, medium for work, and nice for church. I am always comfortable, modest, and stylish! I recently moved my wardrobe from one room to another, and indeed, there were very few items that weren't LuLaRoe. For those who hesitate to purchase these items (they do cost more than Walmart), know that they will last so much longer than Walmart products, and even as time passes, they continue to look fresh, clean and retain their form unlike other products. I am a bargain hunter, but am willing to spend more if a product will last longer. The company continues to bring new items for us to try - and new colors and materials. Come join the LuLaRoe fans! We exist for good reason! modest formal dresses