neutral style collections for bridesmaid

Why is it dat we always weigh our relationships on the bases of the standards society has set? Why have we formed these moulds of Ken dolls and we try and fit every man we date into that! Someone is always going to be too little of that and too much of this. We forget to embrace them and appreciate them for the things that make them better than others, even better than these moulds, thinking they are imperfections. I thought that way, and I would do anything to change that now. neutral style collections for bridesmaid

People are special, they are different but they all eventually are perfect in their own ways. They will serve and fulfil your every need, in the way you want them to or another but they will. You just need to have faith and look harder.

After many fights, and arguments, I saw him change. Every argument that disclosed every expectation I had of him, he changed a bit. Bit by bit he changed a lot, I changed him a lot and soon he was a completely different person.

I earned the bouquets, lost that sparkle in his eyes. I earned those dinners, but saw he had lost his appetite.
I earned those well-dressed and well-mannered double dates, but lost those wide smiles that I saw every time we had an adventure. All the things that I thought I was earning were actually the things that were making me lose more things that were important and precious.

I should have treasured what mattered more, HIM.