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Many people have never had to deal with a Notary before. Then suddenly they find out they have paperwork that has to be notarized, or they are told to get something notarized, without much in the way of explanation. Here are some general points to keep in mind before contacting a notary to schedule your appointment.

1. When meeting with a notary, HAVE YOUR IDENTIFICATION. It never fails that someone schedules to meet to have their paperwork notarized, then is surprised to f ... ind that it can't be done if they don't have proper ID. You need a valid ID, or in some cases an ID that is expired but was issued within the last 5 years also works. If you do not have a valid ID for whatever reason, you need to have two credible witnesses with you that each have valid ID with them, can attest to who you are, and do not benefit from the document being notarized (for example are beneficiaries of a will). not expensive prom formal gowns below 100

2. Documents need to be printed or completed in ink. Documents done in pencil can not be notarized, as they can be edited after the fact. In addition, paperwork should be completed prior to meeting with your notary, as forms can not be notarized with spaces still blank, for the same reason.

3. The two most common forms utilized for notarization are acknowledgments and jurats. In the State of California, the Notary is not allowed to recommend which form to use (as this is seen as giving legal advice), so you need to find out which form you need prior to meeting with your Notary.

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