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Its crazyyyyy! Just hear me out!!! August 13th of 2015 we lost our baby Lee'Von at 9 weeks and 6 days. The doctor told us it would be best if I got my tubes tied because I would never be able to carry another baby full term. He scheduled me for a tubaligation for two days after Thanksgiving. November came and I didn't have a period. Thanksgiving Day I finally asked my step mom to come in the bathroom with me while I took a pregnancy test, low and behold it was positive. I wasn't excited at all I was hurt I cursed God so many times that day like why me why most you keep letting me go threw this and taking something I want to grow close to. I went to the doctor and was told not to get my hopes up and honestly I didn't there was never a sunny day for me I stayed in my room in the pitch black by my self all day everyday only came out to use the rest room. My dad and step mom would bring me food and drinks. I was just so self deprived that nothing mattered I honestly wanted god to take my life instead. Well anyways 9 weeks and 6 days was there into my pregnancy I set in the bathroom most of the day just in case the man that I blamed for taking my previous decided to do the same again. My step mom comes home from work and tells me it will be fine Megan I promise he's doing this for a reason he's trying to show you something. I brushed it off and went back to my room I was ready to be in a room with doctors telling me I lost my child again I was just used to it. The next day I woke up and I was the happiest person in the house, I made it to 10 weeks something doctors said I couldn't. From that day on I was so excited to finally meet my next baby boy Jamari Clacie Lee'Von who will be turning 1 tomorrow. I had a lot of complications with him more than any woman should endure. His birthing scared us all his heart dropped to 46 and the doc declared emergency c section asap! My heart dropped I lost all control closed my eyes and prayed to God, "please Dear Lord don't do this to my family or my kids we have waited too long for this everyone is so excited lord please take my life and spare my sons just don't take him." The whole time they were cutting into my body organ by organ to get my son out all I could do is look into my step moms eyes and ask is he still alive is he ok is he out yet. She kept me sane people she really did. Finally I heard the nurse say oh my god look at that big toe and instantly plus figure long bridesmaid gowns Candi Daugherty left my side. I could hear them laughing and talking about how gorgeous my son was. He started crying and my heart literally skipped a beat they brought him over to me and right then when she placed his face to mine he stopped crying and opened his eyes and looked into mine. I was so proud, happy, and sorry for all the bad I said to the lord. They took him out immediately for observation for his oxygen and heart. But I had faith. I knew if that little boy could fight to make it into this earth he can and will fight to survive. But I'm setting here telling you this because no one should ever give up no matter what. My baby boy turns one in less than 30 mins. God always puts you threw hard times to make you stronger and that's what happened. So I wanna scream happy birthday to Jamari Clacie Lee'Von Shelton I love you more than word's can explain!