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Okay, if this is the page that sent the message about Linda Hamilton coming back to Terminator 6, you guys sound like a broken damn record, and I'm sorry I ever signed up with you. You're going to have to get over yourselves and accept the fact James Cameron SHIT on the Terminator series of movies by not continuing on, by not fighting to keep the rights from Linda Hamilton when those two divorced. In essence, Cameron shit on all of us who love the Terminator; Linda Hamilton plus size long sleeve wedding dresses ... did the same thing by stealing those rights from him in their divorce, as well.

However, there have been other movies that have come out and, as standalone projects, each one was good in its own right. Linda Hamilton is no longer relevant, Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer relevant, Michael Biehn (one of my favorite actors of all time) is no longer relevant. The original Terminator stories from T1 and 2 are no longer the centerpieces, and you guys need to get over that shit.

I owe NONE of these people my loyalty, anymore, and James Cameron and Gale Hurd will be DAMN FOOLS if they just throw everything out the window that came after T2. Get over yourselves, like I had to, and maybe you'll be able to accept there's more, and you might even be able to enjoy it, too.

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