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Culture is the people's way of life. Our culture is our pride, they form the basis of which we exist and creates a pathway for the future generation. Before the colonial rule, our forefathers rocked the traditional attires in grand style which attracted the attention of Western countries. We are enlightening the public about the diversity and beauty of the Rivers State people but we can't talk about fashion in Rivers State with ... out emphasizing on the kalabari mode of dressing. The kalabari tribe is endowed with rich culture and heritage, their mode of dressing is unique and fascinating such that it is always a sight to behold. We will talk about few of their attires which includes
I absolutely love the wrappers the kalabari brides wear, it's very royal indeed. They have a long list of wrappers worn by women ranging from the krukrubite, loko bite, pelete bite, sinini velveti, damas, egene bite, ikaki bite, blangidi, India etc. It's simply beautiful and are worn for various traditional weddings and occasions.
Both men and women like to complement their very rich tunics and expressive hats with expensive coral beads and gold. Beads are very common among Nigerian southern groups but the heavy neck beads are exclusive to Rivers groups. Kalabari bridal attire is simply breathtaking! They love to wear coral accessories, the crown and chunky coral beads. The crown come in different shapes and sizes, and varies in color from white to red and green.
The walking stick is used by the kalabari women and men. The women use the walking stick after the iria ceremony (a ceremony where the woman is being placed in a fatting room for some months before the iria wedding) they carry a small beaded saucer on their left hand and a walking stick on the right hand. The public dress of men covers the body from neck to feet, formal dress demands that a hat be worn and that hand-held items of a walking stick, umbrella or fan also be used. princess wedding gowns

We present to you our gorgeous, beautiful, glamorous Glamsisters from the Garden city port Harcourt in kalabari traditional attire.

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