red and black color prom pieces

Some of y'all women need to hear this. I don't know how many times I can say it. But you got to speak life into our brothers and sisters. Mostly our brother. If you want better, sometimes you have to encourage your Man to be better. Work with him and if he really there for you and that relationship he'll put that 120% forward to make sure you're good and That child is good. I also say you can't raise No man. but you can't speak life in him. The tongue is a powerful tool and it can make you feel defeated before you can put forth your best. That man y'all see on TV, or got that good job(govt, military, lawyer, judge, business man), driving that nice cars, own his own house, educated( book smarts and street) etc. Or whatever Someone spoke life into him. Weather it was his: mom, grandma, father, sister, family member, homeboy, or ex female. Someone did it. So be encouraging to each other that's how our community grow. So that man and yourself can set example for your children and the power of the tongue. red and black color prom pieces
Imma get off my soapbox. Just my opinion.

Real women love our black man!
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