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A lot of souls are too busy to go into God's word to read when they wake up in the morning, when speakers start deceiving you, you would begin to hate to hear the truth of some certain thing(living a life that pleases God, knowing how to talk, moral behavior..........)
Some the word of God is boring to them because it is not talking about love most of the time. Even some are restricted to reading psalms alone, they are not ready to read further to the book of Matthew, Mark,Luke, John, Acts, Romans.......
Some find it difficult to read for 10 to 15 minutes everyday, but they can watch season film 4-5 hours without sleeping, now tell me,who are they deceiving?
Some once they feel like reading the word, within 15 they will get tired or fall asleep (something is really wrong)
For those that desires to go into God's word to read everyday, pray before you read, tell the Holy Spirit to interpret what you are reading to you, tell God to speak to you, open your heart to Him. Once you are doing this everyday, no one will deceive you with God's word without you challenging him or her back. red color garments for cocktail
Lets Be a friend to God's word if we want to be victorious against the devil
Psalm 1:1-3, Joshua1:8
Jesus cares
It is joy