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The topic when God brings two people together a message to my love as well God made you he must have been thinking of me because you suits me in every way I believe that you are my soulmate and you are my best friend and my beloved what a blessing it is to hear your voice everyday to wake up in the morning and to say good morning my love I love you and then pray with you we have become powerful because we are one and God has brought us together what a pleasure it is to be part of your life to see your beautiful smile everyday and to enjoy each other and because God has brought us together you are also my strength and the happiness that you have given me not really that because we both trust in Jesus Christ together and we give him the praise and all the glory because one he is also giving me a beautiful gift and that is you how beautiful it is many people are missing out on the blessings that they can have when me and you have that we do love Jesus Christ but we do also do love and care for each other it's how God works God said it's not good for man to be alone I will send it help are you on more than a healthier to me I Turn to You for prayer because your prayers are powerful you seem to know how to make my day give me so much happiness that's just how God works that he does not bring boyfriends girlfriends he brings a beloved that together you can build a future together and you can become one and share life and to love someone no matter what in the good times the bad times and for me is too love you like Christ loved the church if someone said to me if you could have anything for your birthday what would that mean I would say to be next to my love to hear her saying I love you Pete it's worth more to me than anything else I know that God has a special ministry for us in a way we have already done and I'm very proud of you my love when I see your eyes they are so beautiful they always brighten my day I see your beautiful face it makes my heart pound my desire of my heart is to support you and to try and give you all the experiences that I can and support you with prayer love and care and what God has given us because now we are one I know that God's word never fails and nothing is impossible so I say thank you my heavenly father for my beautiful relationship with my love and I say thank you for loving me just the way I am and forgiving me the beautiful gift and for sending your son to die on the cross for us can I say thank you once again for what you have done that you are such a loving father when you made my love you must have been thinking of me because you have given me the best and she suits means so much I say god bless you too my love that God will bless you always and make a way for you and I pray this in Jesus name semi formal occasion outfits for juniors teenager