simple Sheath wedding apparels look straight

I tried to reverse engineer what my sister-in-law Bala did with my saree last night. However, after ironing a veeeeeery long cloth and attempting to recreate Bala's textile artwork/oragami by carefully wrapping and folding what seemed like a football field length's worth of gorgeous silk and embroidered fabric, I gave up! And once again, I went to triage (aka the wedding venue bathroom) and let the masters do their thing! Bala and my aunt had me and the wife of the groom's father dressed up like Indian Barbie dolls in 5 minutes! The safety pins worked like a charm. Our sarees hung perfectly and were gorgeous all night long! simple Sheath wedding apparels look straight

# IndianWedding # LotsOfSafetyPins # SareesAreSeriousBusiness # DancedOurButtsOff !