simple and casual wedding collections in short length

Kittens kittens everywhere! They are getting braver and braver. They love to explore all ends of the house now. Their favorite is the forbidden office of Kevin Heath , of course. We have a buzz collar on Axl to keep him from chasing them. But they are big enough to defend themselves too. Gypsy is just so shy she runs. But she does everything Smokey does.
At night they go back to their own room (they wake Ike playing with his feet or hands, anything that barely twitches in his sleep, makes him SO mad! Lol). In the a.m. we put the dogs out til it heats up and give the kittens run of the house. Once it gets hot they get the back half of the house (gate up they can't get through). That is when I find them sleeping in Ike's room or the cat tree. So much fun to watch them explore. Have a feeling we will have Gypsy a good long while until she becomes much more independent. Being left without her mama at such a young age left her terrified, shy, and having to learn basic instincts from another cat. She may even be a little "special". She LOVES Ike. We will see. Still looking for a home for her but she won't go until we find the perfect place or until her independence shines through. And it is, little by little. (Video is how Smokey reacts when I come for him. He is literally like a baby lol! Always wanting to be held.) simple and casual wedding collections in short length

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