simple long sleeve wedding dresses

We literally decided within a few days this is what we both wanted. We closed on our house October 25th and decided we needed to complete our life and our family and just get married. I didn't even want to buy a wedding dress... I was okay wearing a regular white dress and signing the marriage license on our kitchen table. All I did want was professional pictures Nothing fancy, or glamorous. For What? To please other people? To be judged in a good or bad way? I wanted it to just be US... And that we Did! He told me "go get a real wedding dress this your special day let's make it memorable" ... so I did... 5 days before our big day... during my lunch break lol... it was perfect! But not as perfect as our wedding day! I wouldnt change it for the world. It was on our property, it was private, it was intimate, it was US.... 11:11:2017 simple long sleeve wedding dresses