spring wedding dresses

As many of you know, my mom goes on missionary trips to Haiti every year. This year, her project is to bring a special collection of wedding dresses and related items to the village she visits. A group marriage ceremony takes place in the spring with up to 20 couples getting married at one time, with hundreds in attendance. Some couples delay their marriage because they do not have proper clothes to wear. When you think of your own wedding day (or your dreams of your future wedding), you know how wonderful it felt to put on your special dress and accessories. I am excited to be able to help make another person’s wedding dreams come true. The items we will be collecting include: wedding dresses, white dresses, veils, dress shoes, men's summer suits, men's dress shoes, and costume jewelry/rings. They will also accept any small donations to defray the cost of shipping. If you have any items you would like to donate, please inbox or call me so we can connect. Thank you for helping with this special collection. These clothes will bring joy and happiness to many couples as they are used over and over again instead of sitting in your closet forever! spring wedding dresses