wedding dresses for older women

I thought that might be hard to see so here is the poem. wedding dresses for older women
Two mothers
I had two mothers
two different people
yet with the same name.

two separate women
Diverse by design
but I loved them both
because they were mine

The first was the mother
Who carried me here
Gave birth and nurtured
And launched my career

She was the one
Whose features I bear
Complete with the facial
Expression I wear
She gave me some Music
Which follows me yet
Along with the examples
In life that she set.

Then as I grew older
She some younger grew
and we'd laugh as just mothers
And daughters can do

But then came the year
that her mind clouded so
And I sensed that the mother
I'd known would soon go

So quickly she changed
And turned into the other
A stranger who dressed
In the clothes of my mother

Oh she looked the same
At least at arms length
But she was the child now
And I was her strength

We'd come full circle
We women three
My mother the first,
The second and me

And if my own children
Should come to a day
When anew mother comes
And the old goes away

I'd ask of them nothing
That I didn't do
Love both of your Mothers
As both have loved you