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Never order from

I have had two AWFUL experiences with this company in ordering a dress for ONE event. I'm now 21 days from the wedding I am in and don't have a dress to wear because both dresses they've sent me have been made 3-5 inches smaller than the measurements ordered!?


Long story short... all three of the bridesmaids dresses we ordered were wrong. Two of them were custom sized and one was a standard dress size ordered based upon their size guide. One custom size and one standard size were too large and need to be altered. The other custom size (mine) was too SMALL. When I measured the dress, it was made 3.5 inches smaller in the bust and 1.5 inches smaller in the waist than what I ordered. wedding guest maxi dress

After TWO WEEKS of going back and forth with the customer support team, they finally agreed to give me a full refund for the original order and then 25% off a new order. Mind you, I had to pay shipping for each order AND the return.

Placed a second order and decided to go with a standard dress size versus a custom size. I ordered a size larger than what I needed, according to their sizing chart, to ensure it'd fit and I'd just deal with alteration. The dress arrived today. It was the WRONG dress, similar to what I ordered, but WRONG! Oh... it too did not fit. In fact, it is SMALLER than the first dress and all of the measurements are LARGER.

Now, here I am with 21 days until the wedding, and no dress currently, because as I'm sure everyone is aware, if a dress is too small, there's not much of anything that can be done.

I have sent an email to the company, but I don't have high expectations of their response from my last go around with them. The last time, they had the nerve to tell me, not once, but twice, that if they discount a dress they do not make money due to the cost of labor and the materials.

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