wedding party guest wears look sexy

Dear Mark Zuckerberg
I have a proposal. You have tried by giving us Facebook, Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger.
But you need to create something more traditional for some of us. We can call it Facebook Calabash.
I would love to see notifications like:
1.Emvic victor chime 24 other Man Utd Fans just looked at your profile photo and hissed. Let them know you are aware! Send them your thoughts. Or send cockroaches to discipline them... ...
2. Egwuonwusamsalibo
and Smartjerry unliked one of your posts. Do you want to blind them?...
are exchanging messages, gossiping about you. Join the conversation suddenly and shock them! Or send them some chickenpox...
4 caften is wondering why you mentioned him in this post. Do you wish to send her some knowledge? Or turn her to an avatar with tail.
5paulcdjoke, just wished they could block you. Let them know you're aware. Send them some common sense. Or block their brain
6 raymond c, ifa boid ikechi dannypreez and 50 others are going through your timeline, wondering if they could delete your posts. Send them a collective thunder and hailstorm to show you care!.....calis chriss, kingtek, kennyclever are trying to copy this post, do you want to block them? wedding party guest wears look sexy
vikx,4bb, Okwa Lil-cent are trying to ha*ck ur facebook account, do you want banana to fall on them? (don't worry we won't let them know!)
Am not asking for much

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