wedding party wears for bridesmaids

Ha! Isn't this creative? I love how this one has been done. Normally I prefer the style of scrapbooking my mother used (back before Creative Memories) because there is so much more on a page & so many other things are included (a note to the tooth fairy, a Christmas wish list, the little card included with Valentine's Day flowers from high school, movie ticket stubs, a scrap of fabric from a well-loved blankie, or a bit of lace from a prom dress, clipping from a newspaper o wedding party wears for bridesmaids ... r even ads showing how much a typical family car or a washing machine cost when I was 5, and so on)... my mother (and later me when making one for my daughter) would fit all these little mementos of my childhood days onto the pages of our scrapbooks almost like putting together a jigsaw puzzle! It all looks so incredible together once it is done that it almost looks like all those things were MEANT to be laid out together to form a "snapshot" of life.
However, this particular design is one of the rare ones where I actually DO like the more modern way of scrapbooking (what I call the "Creative Memories" style since it seems the idea of only putting a very small number of pictures on a page and then filling in the rest with pre-printed backgrounds and various cut-outs, frames, etc. all began with that company).

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