wedding pieces with detachable skirt

Modern bride trying to move away from traditional bridal finery, and trying to emphasize their individuality with various accessories. And belt - one of them. Exquisitely embroidered with stones or luxurious composition of flowers, beads, lace, satin petals - it will be a real decoration of expensive dress and modest dress with no frills. And even the simplest belt in the right hands can be transformed to complete image of the bride and shine with new colors. This is not only an element of decor wedding dress, but also the opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Belt can pick up on a different basis, different widths on the buttons, tie closure, lace, bows. Important - that it was combined with the dress, veil and other accessories. Many modern brides choose belt not in the dress tone and prefere contrasting colors, which combines well with the decorations on the hair or groom with butterfly. And it makes the bride's attire special and unique. wedding pieces with detachable skirt