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The Samosa Vendor

At Bombay...It was my regular train journey home
from work.
I boarded the 18:50pm train from Church Gate.
When the train was about to leave Marinelines,
A samosa vendor with an empty basket got on
and took the seat next to me.
As the compartment was sparsely occupied and
my destination was still far away,
I got into a conversation with him.
Me: "Seems like you've sold all your samosas
Vendor (smiling): "Yes. By Almighty's grace, full
sales today."
Me: "I really feel sorry for you people. Don't you
get tired doing
This tiresome job the whole day?"
Vendor: "What to do, sir? Only by selling samosas
like this every day do
We get a commission of 1 rupee for each samosa
that we sell."
Me: "Oh, is that so ? How many samosas do you
sell on an average each day?"
Vendor: "On peak week days, we sell 4,000 to
5,000 samosas per day.
On an average, we sell about 3,000 samosas a
I was speechless.....for a few seconds.
The guy says he sells 3,000 samosas a day; at 1
rupee each,
He makes about 3,000 rupees daily, or 90,000
rupees a month.
That's Rs. 90,000 a month. OMG.
I intensified my questioning and this time it was
not for time pass.
Me: "Do you make the samosas yourself?"
Vendor: "No Sir. we gets the samosas through a
samosa manufacturer
And we just sell them. After selling we give him
the money
And gives us 1 rupee for each samosa that we
I was unable to speak a single word more but the
vendor continued...
"But one thing...most of our earnings are spent
on living expenses here at Bombay.
Only with the remaining money are we able to
take care of other business."
Me: "Other business? What is that?"
Vendor: "It is a land business. In 2007 I bought
1.5 acres in
Palghar for 10 lakh rupees and I sold it a few
months back for 80 lakhs.
Now I have bought land in umroli for 40 lakh
Me: "What did you do with the remaining amount?
Vendor: "Of the remaining amount,
I have set aside 20 lakhs for my daughter's
I have deposited the other 20 lakhs in the bank,
post office, mutual funds, gold and bought cash
back insurance."
Me: "How much schooling have you had?"
Vendor: "I studied up to third standard;
I stopped my studies when I was in the 4th
But I know how to read and write.
Sir, there are many people like yourself,
Who dress well, wear a tie and suit, wear shoes,
Speak English fluently and work in air-conditioned
But I don't think you guys earn as much
As we do wearing dirty clothes and selling
At this point, what could I reply. After all, I was
talking to a
True Indian Millionaire! The train chugged into
Khar station.
And the samosa vendor got up from his seat.
Vendor: "Sir, this is my station...have a good
Me: "Take care."
Welcome to the real India !!!

The questions at the back of my mind
1 Does the manufacturer pays GST ? (There are more than
10 samosa vendors)
2) I am fool linking my adhar card, pan card, bank account etc and payment Income Tax by way of deduction at source, buying car on loan, house on loan, bike on loan, TVs with emi, apple phone with emi. My education has no value against these Samosa vendor/manufacturer. wedding wearings With Lace Appliques